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Since 1999

Our target is to become the leading business that is known for their reliability, expertise, and creative ideas on the fashion and luxury industry.

We offer a wide range of commissioned services to promote new products to the worldwide market. We have grown considerably since 2009 and have acquired a good reputation with many customers, especially relating to the high service quality and our reliability. Nowdays, we are successfully running out business in New York City, Newark, Miami and HongKong. Furthermore, we are seeking for opportunities and cooperative partners in mainland China.

Since 2013, iAgency, Inc. has had five years of experience with top fashion and luxury brands as an advertising, marketing and promotional agency. We are dedicated to improving brand recognition and sales of beauty and cosmetic products. We have also established a mutual, trusted and smooth relationship with the largest retailers. This helps us to improve quality and received immediate feedback from the worldwide market.
iAgency, Inc. is dedicated in improving brand recognition and sales for the fashion and luxury industry by providing comprehensive and sophisticated services, that range from creative design to in-store training, talent and support. Our target is to meet all our clients’ requirements and assist them in achieving their goals.

We have an accomplished online system that can be used to monitor and manage every promotional project. This allows for managers and clients to have access to real time information. Adjusting tactics are convenient, easy, and can be completed through the use of electronics devices, like cell phones. Additionally, the system provides all clients with a full report on data collected during the project. This is a significant advantage for our clients since it allows for up-to-date information on the market situation and for informed and accurate decision-making
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